Whatman House

Whatman House was a home for the frail and elderly with a mix of 23 one-bed flats and bedsits. Due to the lack of demand for bedsits, the home was demolished and has been redeveloped into 5 houses and 8 flats, two of which are for people with disabilities.

Surrounded by 2-storey residential properties, the layout of the new scheme was dictated by the shape of the site, the contours and the existing access which was to be retained.

The flats and amenity spaces are located on the south-west corner and follow the natural slope of the site with the two disabled flats on the ground floor. The houses are on the north-east corner with front and rear gardens and parking bays in the front gardens. The design is high quality and modern and respects the local vernacular.

We have maintained and enhanced the ecological value of the site with the retention of the mature trees and additional planting together with the reprovision of bat roosting spaces.

There is adequate cycle and vehicular parking and the solar thermal hot water heating in each flat contributed towards the development achieving Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.