Wembley Arena

Tooley Foster were appointed to carry out parts of the major refurbishment of Wembley Arena.

The fundamental design change was handing the stage and main entrance to opposite ends of the building, with a new service yard at the rear and a new entrance at the front, now leading off Olympic Way. In addition, the Grade II Listed building has been fully refurbished internally and externally to reflect the original 1930s architecture.

We were specifically responsible for the refurbishment of all the external fabric, including new roof coverings, new plant, new doors and windows, and redecoration. Internally we designed the two main concourses and the public toilets with robust finishes to accommodate the large numbers of people who will use them. New catering kiosks and merchandising points have also been designed down the length of each concourse.

This significant refurbishment has totally transformed the venue, and successfully restored this great architectural piece to its former glory, whilst creating a spectacular 21st century icon.

Wembley Arena was chosen as a London 2012 Olympic venue to host Badminton