Soho Wharf

In 2021, Heimstaden Boatad acquired this site for £160 million, marking the largest forward-funded transaction outside of London.

With units sold from the project's inception, our client had high expectations for meeting handover deadlines and avoiding penalties from the
buyer. The development was delivered 7 months early.

Soho Wharf comprises 102 Townhouses and 650 Apartments there are also 985m² of commercial spaces on the ground floor making this project both
complex and intriguing.

Managing this project became even more challenging due to the onset of Covid-19. Our team quickly adapted to remote work for most of the project's duration. Soho Wharf is a testament to our office's adaptability and resilience in handling complex buildings and challenging situations.

We utilised advanced Building Information Modelling (BIM) for precise coordination among consultants. All apartment blocks were meticulously modelled in Revit, and clashes were identified and resolved using Navisworks. Regular online clash detection meetings and detailed reports facilitated efficient adjustments.

The project site is bordered by an active canal, a railway line, and a busy main road. We had to modify the approved design to incorporate road improvements and address the client's needs for low-impact construction traffic along the canal.

Khosro Bashi

Managing Director

Michael Courtenay

Associate Director

Shami Mendis

Associate Director, Certified Passivhaus Designer & EOT Trustee Director