Northbrook Road

Two new four-bedroom Passivhaus homes in Ilford in the London Borough of Redbridge.

For this prominent infill site, the planners were keen to see contemporary design as an exemplar for other developments in the area. This pair of semi-detached, three-storey houses present gabled elevations to the street and the conjoined-twin plan gives a single gable to the rear. With metal and brick cladding, and triple-glazed windows, they give a stylish contrast to the much altered Victorian housing nearby.

The houses are the first Passivhaus dwellings in Redbridge. The Passivhaus standard requires vigorous quality control on site and ensures high levels of comfort with no draughts, minimal thermal bridging and even internal surface temperatures.

The heating costs for these houses will be around £200 per year – a radiator and two towel rails will heat each house even in mid-winter.

"Since moving in, our Passivhaus experience has been extremely positive. The houses are well designed, well built and extremely well insulated, making them very comfortable to live in. The filtered ventilation system provides a healthy, dust free environment. And Energy consumption for heating is proving to be considerably lower than we have experienced in a conventionally built house."

Wojtek Boden, Client

The project is featured on the Passivhaus Trust website and the Green Register Website