Pedestrian Bridge, Lakeside

As part of the government’s drive to improve public transport infrastructure, a new pedestrian bridge linking Chafford Hundred Station directly to Lakeside Shopping Centre has been completed.

The 90m long bridge was conceived as an important architectural feature, forming a ‘gateway’ to the Lakeside Shopping Centre and crossing the roads in a single span.

Constructed on the axis of the House of Fraser entrance, the bridge meets the cliff at its east end, where there is a ‘pavilion’ containing a lift and stairs leading to the new subway serving the station.

At its west end, the bridge links into the core of a new multi-storey car park.

At the Shopping Centre end, access from the bridge to ground level is via a lift and stairs, from where one can enter House of Fraser directly under a covered way, or reach other entrances to the Centre by crossing the newly created landscaped square.