New Barn Street, Plaistow

Tooley Foster’s over ten year experience of certified Passivhaus design enabled us to work with contractor Kind & Co to deliver four of Newham
Councils first five Passivhaus council housing projects.

The Army & Navy pub site in Plaistow is the fourth of these, due to complete in 2024. This scheme comprises two separate blocks containing 14 and 18 apartments for rent.

Having worked with Kind & Co as executive architect on four Passivhaus social housing projects (including New Barn Street) for which planning consent was obtained by three separate architects there are a number of lessons for future similar projects, including the following:

• The shape of the building is significant. Long linear buildings have a worse form factor (ratio of heat loss area to usable floor area) than more compact shapes, and therefore for linear buildings safety margins for certification are smaller compared to more compact shapes with the same construction.
• Overheating and window size – large west facing windows are more likely to overheat.
• Thermal mass is important for summer comfort – traditional plaster on blockwork works well, as does external shading over windows.
• Where possible, keep building services simple. Consider compact units.
• Passivhaus software is very sensitive to the location of MVHR units – they should be correctly positioned from RIBA stages 1 and 2.
• Passivhaus thinking should be embedded from early stages.

Tooley Foster have the Passivhaus and social housing experience to minimise the risk of additional costs on your Passivhaus project from inception.

Peter Ranken

Director of Sustainability & Certified Passivhaus Designer

Colin Merifield

Associate Director & Certified Passivhaus Designer

Connor Randall

Architectural Assistant & Certified Passivhaus Designer

Kieran Harrison

Architectural Assistant & Certified Passivhaus Designer