Meadow Court

A 71 unit, extra care scheme for the elderly, the building and surrounding grounds were designed to be fully accessible for ambulant and wheelchair using residents.

All flats were designed to be wheelchair accessible and incorporate the following: Wheelchair turning circles in all rooms, minimum door clear opening widths of 750mm, wet room type shower rooms, with thermostatic controls, level thresholds at all entrances to the building and a separate buggy store at the main entrance (incorporating space for 10 buggies).

Lighting and internal decoration were designed to provide visual contrast and an attractive appearance for all residents including those with visual difficulties. Through the careful specification of colours and materials, in conjunction with good lighting standards, assistance in defining circulation routes, waiting areas, public and private areas were achieved.

One, 8 person lift and one, 13 person lift was installed incorporating voice annunciation, suitable lighting levels, 800mm wide door openings and height compliant call buttons and car operating panels.

External paths and entrance routes incorporating gentle slopes and hand rails where necessary to enable easy wheelchair access and for those with walking difficulties.