Leggyfield Court

This thoughtfully designed new scheme of 57 Extra Care apartments takes its way around the site, respecting the trees and landscape bordering the stream. The main entrance is central to the site and scheme, taking the form of a 3-storey volume, divided by the lay of the land; enabling the creation of two separate entrances flanked by an elegant curved timber chimney which serves as a landmark.

The communal facilities are situated on the upper ground floor, close to the main entrance: here the dining room has panoramic views out across the stream. The communal lounge offers a series of French doors that lead to a raised terrace and out to the landscaped gardens beyond.

Presenting itself as a low key, unimposing and vernacular development, the new scheme contains a series of design details: layering of rose and black coloured render; simple brickwork and timber cladding; recessed over-sized windows peer through - whilst smaller ones protrude; tall windows lend a distinct sense of rhythm; the ease in which the building is navigated with central access way and amenity, and the pretty courtyard sitting behind the street façade.