Lavender Place

Nestled in the picturesque Cotswold village famous for being a location in the filming of Downton Abbey.

This project replaces existing sheltered housing with a new two-storey block comprising 18 spacious one and two bed apartments. The design provides ample car parking, including vehicle charging points, secure cycle and mobility scooter storage, and communal amenities.

The layout is meticulously planned to retain existing access points into the landlocked site, ensuring continued access to adjoining properties. It also
respects the presence of both Listed and non-listed dwellings and their associated amenity spaces, alongside preserving existing landscape features.

Employing traditional forms, the building features stone walls beneath slate roofs, but integrates contemporary features, and details. Ground floor
apartments offer private patios for personal amenity spaces, while upper-floor balconies were intentionally omitted to maintain privacy. Nevertheless, all residents have access to a sizeable communal garden.

The internal circulation areas are strategically designed with larger spaces to foster social interaction among residents, encouraging moments of conversation and connection as they move through the building.

In essence, this project encapsulates a thoughtful blend of traditional aesthetics and modern functionality, paying homage to the village's heritage while providing comfortable and inviting living spaces for its residents.

Project Team

Nigel Goulding