Jean Desforges House, Leather Gardens

When Newham Council came to Kind & Co to build four of their first five Passivhaus projects, they knew that the lower fuel bills would help their tenants, and the excellent build quality would mean lower maintenance in the future.

But they were all different in design, with different energy challenges and Kind & Co realised that they needed our skills to gain their first Passivhaus certified buildings. We were both delivery architects and certified Passivhaus Designers for all four sites.

Jean Desforges House is the first to be finished. It has five maisonettes and 16 flats in an eight-sided block, giving a very efficient shape. Our work included:

Peter Ranken

Director of Sustainability & Certified Passivhaus Designer

Connor Randall

Architectural Assistant & Certified Passivhaus Designer

Zeba Yunis

Associate Director