Hutton View

Award winning redevelopment of a brownfield site, providing a 77-bed care home and 55 independent living apartments.

Looking at the site it became clear that we had a site dominated by trees; not only did it contain fantastic examples of thriving British species, it came with a blanket preservation order preventing any development, let alone a 70 bed care home.

The site layout was led by considerations for the existing trees, as well as how new trees could be integrated to enhance external spaces. Much like our forensic approach to building design, we looked at every tree on the site, considering what it brought to the space it occupied and how it could contribute to residents emotional responses and wellbeing.

On arrival the existing trees shield views of the surface car park, while others subdivide areas into intimate gardens spaces. New planting around the central court-yard and its approach provide an impressive 'arrival' space, with fully landscaped gardens providing space to roam and explore. We have designed a scheme that respects the scale and character of surrounding properties and enhances the streetscape. Both buildings draw on the traditional principles of symmetry and proportion seen in the Georgian styles prominent in the local buildings, while also reflecting the buildings prominence.

As of writing, Hutton View is the newest addition to the Hallmark Care Homes family. Opened in October 2020, it provides a variety of accommodation types and forms of tenure, addressing a local need for high quality care for the elderly, including dementia care.