Hoares Bank

Hoares Bank, the oldest private bank in England, opened in the mid-17th century in Fleet Street. In the early part of the 19th century the old bank buildings were replaced with a purpose- built structure to the designs of Charles Parker.

The bath stone ashlar façade was held together by the then latest technology, iron “dog” cramps, which 175 years later had oxidised and were in danger of causing structural damage. The listed Grade 2* status of the building demanded a non-invasive survey by means of metal detector, impulse radar and thermography to assess the condition of the stonework and determine a course of action.

In order to arrest the corroding iron cramps, an installation of “impressed current cathodic protection” (ICCP) was installed by wires embedded in the existing stone joints and linked to a continuous monitoring device within the building. This ensured minimum damage to the stone façade and a long term solution to corrosion of the iron.