Henderson Close

These 9 houses and 10 flats for social rent and shared ownership inject architectural richness into a corner of a late 1960s/1970s council housing estate. The pitched roofs, with Dutch type gables facing Henderson Close, rich coloured brickwork, render and canopied entrances and bay windows, are in strong contrast to the surrounding houses and flats. The angled balconies mark the corners of the development and give long views along Henderson Close and to nearby open space.

The site inserts greater clarity into the previous street pattern. The surrounding housing and the previous building on the site were designed within a Radburn-type layout, which included unsafe alleyways and a poorly overlooked play area. The houses and flats now face Henderson Close and the pedestrian routes to the north and south. An alley has been gated, and each house and ground floor flat has a secure private garden.

The new dwellings are economical to run, with good levels of insulation and modern double glazing. 10% of the total energy used is provided by slimline solar hot water panels serving every home, including the flats.