Greenview Court

The original scheme was 170 units but changed mid design to a 191 unit development during stage 4. We rose to the challenge of the additional complications involved.

The planners wanted variations to occur on the elevations, such as balcony sizes and window patterns which varied from one level to the next. This increased the work involved. Use of the Revit model was crucial to achieve this package efficiently. The Buildings design generated a significant variety in flat types, which was a challenge to effectively detail, particularly as the client brought the start date forward, here our use of the Revit software was fundamental in allowing multiple staff members contribute to the delivery of the model.

Our services included preparing the building information to a BIM level 2 standard and we also acted as the lead BIM coordinator. We prepared the BEP (BIM Execution Plan) for the project to lead the coordination efforts of the consultants. This allowed our client to batch together drawing bundles efficiently for procurement packages.

We prepared the federated model and produced biweekly clash reports which helped to direct the integration of the M&E with the structural requirements. We gained valuable experience in the level of information required for the reports. This has helped us develop a clash detection report matrix, along with a greater appreciation of the quality and aspects of other consultants BIM models that we need to be aware of and control.