Ellisam House

We have obtained planning permission for a new HQ building for Acclaim Handling in Purfleet. This accomplishment was not without its challenges, particularly in negotiating with the highways authority for approval of a new access point from London Road. Despite these hurdles, we are excited to move forward with this transformative project.

Acclaim Handling, a family-owned business with roots dating back to the 1980s, has grown beyond its original site to locations across the country. However, Purfleet remains its spiritual home and HQ. Unfortunately, the current building does not adequately reflect this.

Our goal was to create a modern, purposeful HQ building that pays homage to Acclaim Handling's legacy and serves as a high-quality landmark along London Road. The new facility, complete with improved access and landscaped parking, will not only enhance operational capabilities but also future-proof the company's presence on this site.

Key features and benefits of the project include:

Our collaborative effort aims to bring to life an HQ building that not only serves practical purposes but also stands as a testament to the company's journey and success.  We look forward to transforming the vision into reality and contributing to the continued growth and prosperity of Acclaim Handling in Purfleet.


Nigel Goulding


Zeba Yunis

Associate Director

Rod Lau


Lin On Chu


Paul Sanders