Croxley House

Croxley House dates from the late 18th century and is a Grade II listed building in the Green Belt and the Croxley Green Conservation Area. Sitting majestically over the historic Green, it has been a care home since the 1950s. Like many care homes in Listed Buildings it faced high repair bills and with 33 bedrooms only it could not survive financially for much longer. The planning authority would not allow further extensions to be added to this listed building as the scale of new accommodation would dwarf the existing.

The Client felt and we agreed, that the historic walled garden presented a good opportunity for a larger scale, but separate development. Our solution was a single-storey structure that hides behind the wall and creates an open courtyard within. A green roof replaces the green lost within the walled garden and means the new building is effectively invisible from the Green. This addressed the planners concerns for building in an historic environment but still much was needed to win over the case for such a large building on the Green Belt.

Croxley House will be fully refurbished and remodelled internally, reducing the number of bedrooms from 33 to 24 but giving them all en-suite wet rooms and providing wider corridors and step-free access. The additional 40 rooms in the new building make up for this loss, providing 64 bedrooms overall.

The curved projecting bays found on the existing Croxley House inspired the semi-circular bay forms for the lounge and dining rooms, which open onto the internal courtyard.