Clapton Methodist Church

The original church building on Downs Road in the Clapton Pond Conservation Area was demolished in 2004. To fund a new church, a scheme of private residential accommodation was developed. Some land was also purchased at the rear of the site to facilitate access to these flats.

There are eleven flats (including a ground floor wheelchair flat), some with balconies, and there is a common amenity deck. The design and massing was specifically carried out to avoid loss of daylight to neighbouring properties. Sound insulation was also critical to the design in order to reduce sound transmission from the church to the flats, and vice versa. The church contains a multi-use hall for worship with a Sunday school, vestry, kitchen, toilets and accessible toilets.

Render emphasises the vertical central element of the church which ‘points towards the heavens’. The glazed entrance to the church is open and transparent, encouraging people to come in. The ground floor reconstituted stonework adds solidity to the church, with brickwork above it to reduce the impact and visual weight along Downs Road.