Broomfield Grange

Various options were explored for this 140-bedroom Nursing Home on a 2 acre part of the Broomfield Hospital site. A large portion of the site was taken up by trees which had TPOs on them.

Discussions with the planners and 3-D model studies showed that the building would sit much more comfortably on the site if the bedroom wings were increased to 4-storeys, thereby reducing the building footprint. This gave a number of benefits, including a more efficient floor plate, more extensive stacking and therefore a more efficient building. The form of the home naturally creates usable external spaces without too much need for fence boundary lines within the landscape.

European Care were looking for a very efficient and economical building with high levels of sustainability to incorporate Passive Ventilation Wind Catchers.

A contextual approach to the design of the Home was adopted, which balances the need for care and individuality, vernacular and contemporary design influences, and has created a proposal which is both distinct and inclusive, open yet secure.

Khosro Bashi

Managing Director