Brookes House

We're honoured to lead Hallmark's ground breaking Assisted Living Scheme, marking a transformative shift in their care offerings toward a more independent living clientele.

To meet Hallmark's development objectives, a minimum of 45 apartments, primarily featuring 2-bedroom units, was required. However, the site's constraints presented unique challenges, especially in relation to neighbouring houses, where we needed to ensure there were no issues with overlooking or disruptions to their gardens.

Our visionary approach involved crafting a design that gave the appearance of a two-story structure along the street elevation, achieved by skilfully incorporating dormer roofs to gain an additional floor. Furthermore, we strategically positioned an additional storey set farther back on the site that would remain hidden from the street view. Additionally, we harnessed the sloping terrain to create a semi-basement level.

Careful consideration of the impact on neighbouring properties was paramount. We conducted comprehensive assessments, including sunlight and  shadowing diagrams, to demonstrate that there would be no adverse effects on light or privacy.

An important aspect of our design was the respectful integration of a locally Listed building. We successfully argued for its removal and replacement of the distinctive tower features, seamlessly incorporating them into our design thus preserving its character and adding charm to our new building.

Khosro Bashi

Managing Director

Chris Chelebi

Senior Associate Director