Brook Street

We were recommended to our client following a failed planning application for a more conventional looking house.

The site was a gap between two houses with ground falling away to the south and an open outlook, and therefore was ideal for a Passivhaus. Taking a simple form akin to a farm building, we added contemporary features such as standing seam zinc roofing, flame treated vertical timber boarding, triple glazed windows and lofty ceiling heights to make the most of the internal volume.

Planning consent was granted without any conditions, confirming that a contemporary approach was suitable for the site.

Passivhaus thinking informed the interior with cathedral ceilings for the main south facing spaces for visual drama and to provide high level windows for summer ventilation. Adjoining garage space is distinguished by grey/blue brick and render finishes. The house is heated by sunlight, daily activities and an air source heat pump, which also provides hot water.

Efficient ventilation with heat recovery keeps the house comfortable all year round. In keeping with its eco-credentials the house is built with a timber frame and fire tested cellulose insulation, all with low embodied carbon.

Peter Ranken

Director of Sustainability & Certified Passivhaus Designer

Connor Randall

Architectural Assistant & Certified Passivhaus Designer