TFP backs NHF’s 5-star Plan for Rural Housing

The Tooley & Foster Partnership has pledged support for the National Housing Federation’s 5-star Plan for Rural Housing, which is being launched on 7 July at the end of Rural Housing Week. The Plan challenges the sector to increase delivery of rural housing and continue to contribute to a living and working countryside.

Rural Housing Week is an annual event highlighting the importance and benefits of affordable housing in rural communities across the country. Local people are often priced out of the market and this initiative highlights a commitment to supporting rural communities and their economies.

The Tooley and Foster Partnership has a long history of working with housing associations and local authorities to deliver a range of specialist housing schemes including extra care, which replaces older models of residential care provision and traditional sheltered housing. We have recently completed or are currently working on extra care schemes in Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and East Sussex.

Keith Everitt, Partner, said: “Supporting people to live happily in their community is something we care deeply about. 2017 is our 125th year of working as architects and designers based on the London/Essex border. As such we are rooted within our local community and are committed to continuing to deliver much needed homes in rural areas.

“The issue spans the age range. Young people need to find homes they can afford so they can live, work and raise families in the countryside. Older people form a significant part of the rural population and they too need appropriate care and support services to enable them to maintain their independence and engage with their community.”

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