Testimonials – Spring 2013

Sustain’ Awards Judges’ citation of New Cranes Court, winner of the Development Award 2013.

“A very strong scheme. Taking it at face value, the average person wouldn’t think it was Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6 – which is exactly the point. Architecture with a sense of place – and sustainability – deeply embedded.”

Justin Cooper, Contracts Manager, T J Evers Building Contractors – Saffron Walden County High School

“May we take this opportunity to thank both yourselves and the school for being most approachable, practical and accommodating throughout the project. These are qualities that are appreciated and required during a school project to ensure things run smoothly. We do hope to be able to work with you again soon.”

Penny Taylor, Chief Executive, Outlook Care – Foxburrow Grange

“When I visited the site last week I was so pleased with the design of the building, particularly in terms of space. I know we could have squeezed in more bedrooms (and a private provider probably would have!) but we have got the exact feel we wanted.”