The latest data from Foleshill Medical Centre

DQI Stage 5 report

Good news from Foleshill includes the release of headlines figures from the Design Quality Indicator (DQI) Stage 5 report. This independent assessment compiles key analysis of 'the building in use', supplying feedback on outcomes and an assessment of whether the initial objectives of the project have been reached. In their draft report DQI score Foleshill above 5.5 (out of 6) in all 10 categories for functionality, build quality and impact, averaging a 5.635 score. This is a remarkable result for Foleshill and its team and a vindication for the excellent teamwork and planning shown throughout.

New Government Guidelines

Foleshill Health Centre has been used as an exemplar of excellence in the newly updated Promoting Net Zero Carbon and Sustainability in Construction document produced by the Government Commercial Function. As well as the benefits of Passivhaus, the study demonstrates the importance of value for money and how the team at Foleshill provided the ‘consistent focus’ required to ensure procurement, evaluation, contracting delivery and operation were all aligned to meet our carbon and sustainability objectives.

Temperature updates

One area under constant review at Foleshill is temperature. With 28 sensors throughout the building monitoring a range of data points including occupants, air quality and humidity, we are able to track and react to real-time figures.

Heat gain has been reported as a problem in some early Passivhaus buildings, with large south facing glazing causing temperatures to rise rapidly in highly insulated environments. However uncomfortable temperatures gains can be mitigated against, and Foleshill adopted several effective techniques to avoid this problem. As well as the substantial improvements to insulation (which keeps heat out as well as the cold) and ventilation, we designed carefully positioned shading to protect the most exposed areas of the building. We were keen to see these innovations work in practice and the summer of 2022 provided a great real-life test. With record temperatures recorded across the UK, the data from Foleshill did not disappoint; consistently cool internal temperatures of around 22°C were recorded across the week.


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Hailed as the UK’s greenest GP surgery and a major milestone for Passivhaus and modular construction, Foleshill Health Centre is the most energy-efficient public building in the NHS estate. 

The contribution Passivhaus can make in the fight against climate change is well documented. This publication provides an overview of research examining the economic case for Passivhaus construction. It captures detailed cost and energy usage data from two NHS health centres built in 2008 and 2014. Then compares these figures against projected data for the same buildings, but this time constructed to the Passivhaus Classic standard.

The findings in this report were a key contribution to the business case for Foleshill and an important milestone for the NHS and its aim to be net zero by 2040.

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