Passivhaus Care Home

Passivhaus Design

Client Cottsway Housing Association
Location Oxfordshire
Size 8550m2
Value £12m
Status Planning Approval obtained

Passivhaus Design

This project has been designed to Passivhaus standard. Comprising 93 generously-sized retirement flats with hotel quality lounges and common facilities, the 4 wings of the 3-storey building enclose attractively landscaped gardens.

For elderly residents it is essential that a comfortable environment is provided. Triple-glazed windows and the highly insulated, draught free construction ensures that the flats remain at even temperatures throughout the year. Filtered, pre-warmed fresh air provides excellent air quality in all flats.

The German Passivhaus approach to sustainable building design reduces running costs to a quarter of the typical newbuild equivalent whilst providing very high levels of comfort.
Passivhaus design includes a scientific analysis of heat gains and losses, very high quality construction and the minimum of bolt-on eco-technologies.

Careful design of the building services is required for a building of this size in order to minimise heat gains. Similarly, careful window sizing, layout and shading is required to prevent overheating in the summer.

Larger multi-storey buildings are inherently more efficient in heat loss compared to detached houses and are therefore well suited to Passivhaus design.

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Passivhaus DesignPassivhaus Design