Inflite Jet Centre

Client Inflite
Location Stansted Airport
Size Replacement / Enlargement of Terminal at Stansted Airport
Value £1.8m
Status Complete

Inflite - Interior Design  01

Inflite built a new terminal for their private jet service in preparation for the Olympics.  This was designed to cope with the larger volume of passenger traffic expected and it was achieved by revamping and substantially increasing the size of their existing terminal whilst it remained in service.  The terminal now has the capacity to handle 200 seat passenger planes whilst retaining the efficient, corporate, yet individual and personal nature of Inflite’s service.

With regards to the interior design of the terminal, the client brief required that the space be light and airy, hence the majority of the public spaces being double height.  The colour scheme comprises black, white and metallics with colour only used as accents or features.  

The main entrance foyer either takes you through into the main lounge or up the sweeping staircase to the first floor lounge area which overlooks the main lounge. The staircase and foyer seating are reflected in a large feature mirror which adds the illusion of space in what is already a very large foyer area.

All the feature walls, food and drink counters and furniture are bespoke.  We introduced horizontal lines throughout, to guide the eye around and through the interior and the only curves are the footprint of the staircase and the oval casings to the columns which help passengers to navigate through the terminal.

Although the main aim was to create a large, opulent and airy feel, the client also wanted to form smaller ‘snugs’; rooms within rooms for smaller groups of passengers.  These cosier spaces, with lightweight muslin curtains, are formed with lowered ceilings and gel burning feature fireplaces within feature walls

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