Goffs Park

Goffs Park
Old Horsham Road, Crawley

Client Crawley Borough Council
Location Crawley
Size 44 flats and houses
Value Confidential
Status On Site

Goffs Park

This is the redevelopment of a former depot and nursery site adjacent to Goffs Park in Crawley to provide social housing – 22 houses and 22 flats - for Crawley Borough Council.

The challenge presented by this site was to provide high quality new homes and urban spaces on the edge of a popular park.

The development largely comprises short terraces of two-storey houses and small blocks of flats of two or three storeys. These are designed as a contemporary interpretation of the Crawley ‘new town’ style with mainly brick elevations, using a palette of three colours, and windows with reconstituted stone surrounds on the buildings at the entrance to the site. Roof forms are simple with gable ends.

The site layout includes a single access road from Old Horsham Road, with three storey flats at the south and short terraces of mainly two-storey housing facing the new road. The road terminates with an arc of houses and flats, curving towards a new access into Goffs Park.

The variety in scale provided by wide and narrow frontage houses, straight and facetted terraces and blocks of flats of different heights combined with different car parking arrangements provides a series of urban spaces with distinct characters.

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Goffs ParkGoffs Park