Falman Close

Falman Close

Client Christian Action Housing Association
Location Enfield
Size 108.71m2  
Value £349,962
Status Complete


This respite bungalow at Falman Close is built upon the site of a backland car park that was under utilised and was subject to anti-social behaviour.

It is a purpose-built wheelchair 2-bedroom bungalow with separate bedrooms incorporating their own large en-suite wet floor bathrooms / shower rooms.

A large communal lounge / dining area is provided to the southern side of the bungalow, with an adjacent fully flexible wheelchair kitchen, incorporating adjustable height worktops and wall units.

The garden is south facing with a large patio area, raised planters and a soft landscaped area.

A covered car park area for 2 cars is provided at the front of the building.

Due to the backland nature of the development and limited vehicular access to the bungalow, a sprinkler system has been incorporated, with storage located in underground tanks. A solar hot water panel is also provided on the roof to supplement the gas-fired central heating and hot water system

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