Bradbury Community Centre

The Bradbury Community Centre

Client Wokingham Methodist Dev Co Ltd
Location Wokingham
Size 1307m2
Value £1.8
Status Complete

The Bradbury Community centre

The Bradbury Community Centre was designed to provide an open and attractive Community Centre aimed at meeting the needs of all sections of the community of Wokingham seven days a week.

This involved the incorporation of a reception foyer, multi-purpose rooms, a quiet room and ancillary facilities; including full disabled access throughout the building.  The client requested the building be exciting both internally and externally, and were looking towards a modern solution.

Our proposal was to demolish the whole rear part of the building, leaving the Church’s main worship hall, primary hall, Vestry and office remaining, and to construct a new Community Building over the whole of the site on two floors to maximise possible accommodation.

The reception foyer space is central to the whole Church and Community Building and has proved to be a popular and vibrant space.  It orientates to the large glazed entrance, facing what is to become a Civil Square.

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The Bradbury community centrebradbury community centre