Alton Methodist Church

Alton Methodist Church

Client Alton Methodist Church Ltd
Location Hampshire
Size 415m2
Value £619,667
Status Complete

alton methodist church

Alton Methodist Church was transformed by a refurbishment within the existing footprint, retaining the existing façade. This cleverly provided additional space for larger congregations.

All the internal walls and roofs were demolished except for those of the main sanctuary. A new foyer was designed with a folding acoustic partition between the foyer and the sanctuary and another between the foyer and the tea kitchen. This allows for the foyer and sanctuary to be used as one large space when needed for large congregations, and for the tea kitchen to be opened up into the foyer for coffee mornings.

A new hall with a high ceiling and trusses was also designed and is linked to the Holybourne room with acoustic folding partitions.

There is a new kitchen and a vestry / office, along with ancillary facilities.

Openness and light feature throughout, and there is a new glass entrance lobby with a new canopy to the Draymans Way entrance. High level cladding has also been used to unify the existing parapet wall height.

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alton methodist churchalton methodist church